Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Millennials for Mental Health Awareness was founded to raise awareness of the impact that mental health issues have on the Millennial generation. There are far too many stories of bright, gifted college students and young professionals who suffer from mental illness ultimately committing suicide or giving up. Through our partnership with Active Minds and various local events, our goal is to lift the stigma surrounding mental health issues and encourage help-seeking among young adults.

Of college kids say that they word that best describes their life is “overwhelmed.”
Of young women, as opposed to 6% of young men, were likely to have major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, or a panic disorder in the past 12 months.
Of adolescents who need mental help do not get the care they need.

Every time I work to change the dialogue surrounding mental health I think of her and how changing the world's perception can make a significant difference for all. I consider myself grateful that she is still working to love and accept herself even more than I always did and do. I advocate wholeheartedly for those who need a platform for their voice to be heard, for the other half of me whose pain and suffering was palpable, and I advocate for myself because I value my own mental health.

- Franckie, Active Minds Columbia University Member